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Stratis STRAT

1,51 USD
0,000232 BTC
Market Cap
149 516 878 USD
22 967 BTC
Volume (24h)
1 143 870 USD
176 BTC
Circulating Supply
98 980 607 STRAT
Max Supply
98 980 607 STRAT

Enterprises Focused Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

Stratis is a BaaS platform to build decentralized blockchains that is mainly focused on enterprises. It is based on Bitcoin open source but is written in C# which makes it easier for developers as Bitcoin is written in an older and more complicated C++ programming language.

Stratis is facing tough competition from Lisk, although Lisk is written in Java and what is more important it offers more publicly available projects. Enterprises, however, would more likely prefer the more private options provided by Stratis. This is not to say that both platforms wouldn’t be able to divide their market shares and be able to coexist peacefully.

Stratis platform is at the beginning of its developing, but there are encouraging signs already as Microsoft has integrated them in its MS Azure BaaS program.

Strat coin features

The coin’s ticker symbol is STRAT; Stratis project used ICO in July 2016 when more than 98 million coins were distributed. Strat’s price has since impressively risen several hundreds of times. Strat is supported by such well-known wallets as Poloniex and Jaxx, while there is an undergoing development of Breeze wallet as well.

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