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Zcash ZEC

52,43 USD
0,015764 BTC
Market Cap
285 429 188 USD
85 757 BTC
Volume (24h)
114 039 936 USD
34 263 BTC
Circulating Supply
5 444 344 ZEC
Max Supply
5 444 344 ZEC

Privacy enhanced Bitcoin fork

Zcash is a digital currency based on decentralization and cryptography principles. What makes it different from Bitcoin and other forks is that it provides the users with two types of addresses – transparent ones that act like a regular Bitcoin addresses and shielded addresses. The latter ones do not send or store information such as sender’s and receiver’s identification or the amount of Zcash that was transferred. Nevertheless, users can make transactions between both types of addresses.

Zcash Technical Details

Being a fork of Bitcoin, Zcash shares many similarities with it, such as 21-million-coin maximum supply cap. The ticker symbol for the currency is ZEC. 20% of all mined Zcash coins are going to be used as a funders’ reward to be shared among developers, investors, founders, and non-profit organizations.

The officially supported client for Zcash is available on Linux only, but there are numerous existing third-party clients for MacOS, Android, and Windows.