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1,81 USD
0,000544 BTC
Market Cap
160 983 633 USD
48 424 BTC
Volume (24h)
210 783 489 USD
63 404 BTC
Circulating Supply
89 105 584 QTUM
Max Supply
101 105 584 QTUM

Building bridge from Bitcoin to Ethereum

Qtum, read as quantum, is a blockchain platform for running smart contracts that is trying to find its market share among such competitors as Ethereum, EOS, and Cardano. Qtum tries to win investors’ hearts by combining two of the most efficient technologies on the market by using a slightly redeveloped Bitcoins code changed to a more eco-friendly PoS (proof-of-stake) consensus algorithm and Ethereum VM platform. The main aim is to combine Bitcoin’s reliability and Ethereum’s modern technological abilities; it is also compatible with Ethereum contracts and Bitcoin gateways.

Another significant feature of Qtum is its Go-Mobile smart contract platform for mobile use of Dapps. They also employed the so-called Simple Payment Verification protocol that allows running Dapps on a low bandwidth Internet, which makes it ideal for use in IoT.

QTUM coin

Qtum Foundation that resides in Singapore conducted its ICO crowd sale in March-April 2017. The ticker symbol of the currency is QTUM. While trading pretty well on major exchanges, Qtum lost a lot of its value during the infamous crisis in China when local authorities made a strong statement almost banning cryptocurrencies in the PRC.