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Lisk LSK

1,27 USD
0,000351 BTC
Market Cap
143 016 732 USD
39 686 BTC
Volume (24h)
2 970 328 USD
824 BTC
Circulating Supply
112 884 388 LSK
Max Supply
128 001 247 LSK

Blockchain Based on JavaScript

Written in JavaScript, Lisk is a blockchain platform with its digital currency LSK for creating and running Dapps. It was initiated in 2016 by making a fork from Crypti, starting with an ICO that gathered 14,000 BTC. Lisk’s developers recommend storing LSK cryptocurrency in made explicitly for the purpose Lisk Nano wallets.

Comparisons to Ethereum

Lisk is often compared with Ethereum as they seem to try and solve similar objectives. In fact, these two platforms have many differences. Ethereum is aimed more at financial services and running smart contracts while implementing its Solidity language. Lisk is based on super popular among developers JavaScript. It allows you to create your own blockchain, which they call a sidechain, make your token and Dapps, while still being connected with the main chain.

Eco-Friendly Lisk DPoS Consensus Algorithm

Lisk is using an energy-efficient algorithm called DPoS – delegated proof-of-stake – to secure the network by providing 101 elected by community delegates with appropriate rights. To become a delegate the user has to set up a node, start creating new blocks in a process called forging and be elected by Lisk’s community.