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Ripple XRP

0,345062 USD
0,000053 BTC
Market Cap
13 585 937 097 USD
2 086 889 BTC
Volume (24h)
323 941 740 USD
49 760 BTC
Circulating Supply
39 372 399 467 XRP
Max Supply
99 991 874 018 XRP

How Ripple Crypto Platform is Different from Others?

Ripple is an internet communication protocol for sending money with its own cryptocurrency (ticker symbol XRP) that was established in 2012. Though being an open-source project based on the blockchain technologies, Ripple is a unique program, unlike many Bitcoin forks.

This digital payment asset’s main characteristic that distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies is its stability and operation speed, e.g., it’s 500 times faster than Bitcoin. That is why it is used by such banking moguls like UBS, UniCredit, Standard Chartered and many others.

Ripple XRP Technical Information

At its foundation, the company issued 100 billion XRPs, and its protocol forbids creating more, therefore it is not mineable. XRP is a coin that is divisible into one million drops. In order to protect its system from spam and DDoS attacks, Ripple cannot make the transaction commission entirely free and currently takes only ten drops.