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Augur REP

6,22 USD
0,001872 BTC
Market Cap
68 445 731 USD
20 580 BTC
Volume (24h)
1 318 901 USD
397 BTC
Circulating Supply
11 000 000 REP
Max Supply
11 000 000 REP

Augur Prediction Blockchain Platform

As Augur's name might suggest, it is a blockchain platform that was created to make predictions and earn from them. This Ethereum based project is an open source market for any real-world event outcomes predictions. Though the idea sounds like a platform for gambling, there is a science behind it according to its developers – namely “The Wisdom of the Crowd” concept.

You can make your very own market in any event. Like, if you fancy Costa Rica for the soccer World Cup 2018 and sure enough to bet your Augur tokens on that – why not? You will need to put up some initial funds though, but in return, you’re getting half of the trading fees that were collected during the time your market exists.

Augur Token

The token is called Reputation and has a ticker symbol REP. The maximum amount of REP supply is 11 million. The token used for payments in the system and could also be acquired through the exchanges.