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MonaCoin MONA

1,15 USD
0,000179 BTC
Market Cap
72 709 974 USD
11 234 BTC
Volume (24h)
421 333 USD
65 BTC
Circulating Supply
63 150 700 MONA
Max Supply
63 150 700 MONA

First Cryptocurrency in Japan

Officially born on the 2014 New Year’s Day, MonaCoin is one of the old school digital cash cryptocurrencies that were created for the sole purpose of representing money. It is a genuine number one in popularity cryptocurrency in Japan. In fact, it’s so popular that one man bought a piece of land in Nagano Prefecture with Mona.

MonaCoin Blockchain Facts

MonaCoin was created by anonymous Mr. Wantanabe while the rest of the team is unknown. The project is a hard fork of Litecoin with some notable differences. It is ASIC mining resistant as the philosophy of the project makes the coin dedicated to CPU and GPU miners. The block time is 1.5 minute which is faster than Litecoin, and the total amount was set to 105,120,000 coins.

Mona the Cat

MonaCoin has a cat character mascot based on ASCII art and is very well-liked among manga fans and Japan's famous "geek" otaku culture. Not surprisingly it led to comparisons with another famous mascot inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin (wow, much talent!)

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