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Verge XVG

0,041643 USD
0,000006 BTC
Market Cap
624 556 260 USD
82 737 BTC
Volume (24h)
8 203 740 USD
1 087 BTC
Circulating Supply
14 997 869 020 XVG
Max Supply
14 997 869 020 XVG

Most privacy-focused cryptocurrency

At least so the Verge’s creators are claiming. This focus on anonymity dictates the way Verge has been developing. It now includes the use of Tor and I2P networks while also hiding users’ IP to make all transactions untraceable. Verge is open source and completely decentralized: its development team consists of thousands of loyal community members, and no private company owns the network.

Verge Capabilities and Specifications

Verge runs on a wide variety of wallets, including the unique Tor Android Wallet that protects your privacy when you use an Android mobile device. The ticker symbol for the coin is XVG, it is mineable, and more than 16.5 billion coins would be the max supply when it is reached in 2025-2027. The digital currency uses five crypto algorithms; the block time is about 30 seconds, and the transaction verification time is 5-10 seconds which is quite impressive. According to Verge official website, the transaction fee is just 0.1 XVG.