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0,257289 USD
0,000072 BTC
Market Cap
77 715 797 USD
21 851 BTC
Volume (24h)
356 339 USD
100 BTC
Circulating Supply
302 056 679 STEEM
Max Supply
319 030 773 STEEM

Steem Social Network with Content Rewarding System

Steem is a cryptocurrency minted by social network to be used as an incentive to the content creators who get paid with Steems according to the popularity of content, e.g., number of upvotes, views, comments, etc. Anyone can create a profile on the Steemit network and start publishing new articles, photo galleries and much more. Third-party applications such as decentralized video sharing platform also operate within the system.

Steemit currencies

Steem (ticker symbol STEEM) is a base currency in the system, it’s a coin that’s traded on exchanges and can be used within the system to power up your Steem power. Steem power (SP) is the user’s influence meter that affects the value of their posts and comments. Steem power can be bought for Steems and delegated to other users. Steem Dollar, also abbreviated as SBD, is a token with the stable value of 1USD; it is used as a payment means within the system and can be converted to Steems in 3.5 days.