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Aeternity AE

0,374087 USD
0,000113 BTC
Market Cap
87 169 931 USD
26 223 BTC
Volume (24h)
3 554 414 USD
1 069 BTC
Circulating Supply
233 020 472 AE
Max Supply
273 685 830 AE

Young and Ambitious Aeternity Blockchain

Aeternity is a relatively new blockchain project that was initiated by a talented group of developers led by Yanislav Malahov, the so-called Godfather of Ethereum and an associate of Vitalik Buterin. Started in early 2017, the project has an intriguing idea of improving smart contract scalability by running them on the off-chain.

Aeternity Oracle Machine

Another notable feature that sets Aeternity apart from its numerous competitors is the proposed decentralized oracle machine. This software will make it possible to bring to the blockchain data from outside of the network without compromising its stability and security. The oracle machine, as well as the other features of Aeternity, is currently running on the Testnet. The mainnet launch is scheduled for the Q2 2018 while security audit assessment will finish in Q1.

AE Cryptocurrency

Aeternity has its token called Aeon with the ticker symbol AE. Before the launch of the mainnet AE token will remain an ERC-20 token, i.e., Ethereum based token. But after the launch, all AE tokens will be exchanged to the new network’s token. AE is used for transactions, smart contract payments and so on.

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