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Siacoin SC

0,005442 USD
0,000001 BTC
Market Cap
197 997 134 USD
31 264 BTC
Volume (24h)
2 533 564 USD
400 BTC
Circulating Supply
36 381 289 722 SC
Max Supply
36 381 289 722 SC

Sia Platform for Data Storage on Blockchain Technology

Sia is a blockchain platform for data storage that employs its users’ gigabytes of spare hard drive space to run a decentralized cloud-like eco-system. What this effectively means is that you can rent out some of your extra disk space to Sia and earn some Siacoins in process. Think of it as a virtual Airbnb for data storage.

You can also buy some storage space for a fee that’s usually ten times cheaper than that of Google Drive or Amazon Cloud services. Besides, Sia provides impenetrable cryptographic security of the blockchain, combined with affordability and top privacy.

What You Need to Know About Siacoin 

All payment transactions are conducted in local mineable cryptocurrency called Siacoin. You can store and manage your Siacoins by using the official wallet which is available for Windows, iOS, and 64-bit Linux platforms.

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