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1,64 USD
0,000455 BTC
Market Cap
163 576 835 USD
45 448 BTC
Volume (24h)
9 091 054 USD
2 526 BTC
Circulating Supply
100 000 000 WAVES
Max Supply
100 000 000 WAVES

Waves Blockchain Platform from Russia

Waves blockchain is a platform that provides its users with a capability to generate their tokens within the platform. Created and initiated by Russian developer Sasha Ivanov in 2016, it gathered 16 million USD worth of Bitcoin investments during its ICO in that year. Waves issued 100 million coins setting a fixed maximum amount supply. 

WAVES cryptocurrency

All transaction fees are paid in the Waves coin (ticker symbol WAVES) with a simple transaction fee of 0.001 WAVES. This low fee policy adds an anti-spam mechanism which prevents malicious users from abusing the system by sending a large number of small transactions and thus spamming the network. 

Another strong move from Waves developers was creating a decentralized exchange DEX built into the network. It makes possible for the project’s customers to exchange currencies on the network, such as Bitcoins and Ethers as well as some of the major fiat ones by using the gateways.

Waves Balance Leasing and LPoS

Waves platform is using the Leased Proof-of-Stake (LPoS) type of algorithm, which allows users to lease their WAVES to the full public nodes and get their part of incentives. At the same time, users preserve complete control over their funds.