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Status SNT

0,036229 USD
0,000006 BTC
Market Cap
125 733 523 USD
19 420 BTC
Volume (24h)
1 430 979 USD
221 BTC
Circulating Supply
3 470 483 788 SNT
Max Supply
6 804 870 174 SNT

Status Mobile Window in Ethereum Network

Status is an Ethereum based platform for mobile devices that allows its users to enter Ethereum network and use the Dapps available on it. It is a very ambitious project as it targets the most promising niche in IT market of mobile device users. The project development team presents their product as a mobile operating system for Ethereum network.

Status Network Tokens and Future Development Governance

Status Network Tokens, or SNT, enables its holders with shareholders rights, i.e., every SNT holder can participate in a vote of further development goals that are set for system developers. Status has a genuinely decentralized community-driven program of future development.

Promising Blockchain Technology

Project developers are aiming to take on some well-established mobile applications, such as Telegram, WeChat and Facebook messenger, promising to deliver what no one has done before. It is still early days, and everything in this project will depend on how the new technologies behind Status will be produced.