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18,54 USD
0,002492 BTC
Market Cap
187 826 665 USD
25 236 BTC
Volume (24h)
3 999 970 USD
537 BTC
Circulating Supply
10 128 375 GAS
Max Supply
17 190 378 GAS

Fuel in the NEO Eco-system

Gas is the token on Neo platform. Its ticker symbol is GAS. Unlike its Big Brother (NEO coin) it is dividable but has the same maximum supply quantity. NEO holders get the voting rights within the system and dividends in the form of GAS. GAS is also employed as the means of payment and running smart contracts. GAS tokens are collected as a fee for running smart contracts, and the required amount is tied to the complexity of the contract and the required computational power to execute it. The fees are then distributed among the Bookkeeper Nodes.

More on NEO Bookkeeper Nodes and Gas tokens

GAS also plays a vital role in accreditation of Bookkeeper Nodes. If you want to make a Bookkeeper Node on NEO platform, you will have to possess more than 1000 Gas tokens and set apart a dedicated Internet connection and specific equipment for the privilege.