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0,118691 USD
0,000036 BTC
Market Cap
31 488 098 USD
9 551 BTC
Volume (24h)
1 016 981 USD
308 BTC
Circulating Supply
265 294 161 AION
Max Supply
265 294 161 AION

Third Generation Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin gave us the first cryptocurrency backed by blockchain and crypto technology in 2009. In 2015 Ethereum made the second step by producing a blockchain platform capable of running the smart contracts. Aion claims to be the third generation of blockchain technology by creating a network for various blockchain platform communications and interoperability.

The idea is not new, and you could have seen it in the projects like Ark or Hshare. There is a high demand for this technology which will eliminate the need for centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, but as of yet none of the promised platforms has been delivered.

Blockchain Ecosystem from Canada

Nuco Global Inc. which is a company based in Canada is developing the Aion ecosystem. The ecosystem’s token holds a ticker symbol AION and is Ethereum based ERC-20 token; thus you can use Ethereum wallets for keeping it. AIONs will be exchanged for the system based tokens as soon as the platform is launched.