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Ardor ARDR

0,047631 USD
0,000015 BTC
Market Cap
47 583 102 USD
14 454 BTC
Volume (24h)
189 028 USD
57 BTC
Circulating Supply
998 999 495 ARDR
Max Supply
998 999 495 ARDR

Blockchain Solution for Business

Ardor is a younger product of Jelurida Company. It is a blockchain platform based on a proven reliable technology of their NXT product but with more advanced technology and a slightly different idea behind it. Ardor is more oriented on providing solutions for businesses.

The main issue that this new platform is going to solve is the so-called bloating of the blockchain when all the information about transactions that ever happened on the blockchain is stored forever thus increasing the size and effort to process it exponentially over time.

Ardor Parent-Child Chains

Ardor solves this problem by using the unique parent-child architecture, which allows the nodes to work with only essential information from the Parent chain and using only 24-hour-old info from the Child chains. The first Child chain that will start on Ardor platform is called Ignis, and it’ll have its own token.


Ardor’s coin has the ticker symbol of ARDR, it is non-mineable and has a maximum amount supply of around 1B coins.