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Bitcoin Cash BCH

442,60 USD
0,068691 BTC
Market Cap
7 708 922 964 USD
1 189 888 BTC
Volume (24h)
259 430 043 USD
40 044 BTC
Circulating Supply
17 417 450 BCH
Max Supply
17 417 450 BCH

Across This New Bitcoin Divide

Bitcoin cash (ticker symbol BCH) is a hard fork of Bitcoin that was incepted in August 2017 due to disagreements on the size limit of a block in the chain. The increase of the size limit makes the speed of transaction verification processes faster. For example, VISA payment system is capable of more than three thousand times more operations per second than Bitcoin, making it a far superior financial tool in terms of scalability.

Fast and Reliable Bitcoin Cash

That’s why this divide has happened making the Bitcoin become more of an investment tool while Bitcoin Cash can be used as a cryptocurrency. All Bitcoin holders up to the block 478558 (when the divide occurred) are simultaneously the owners of Bitcoin Cash. BCH has the same features as Bitcoin, i.e., it is mineable, divisible by Satoshi and has a supply limit of 21 million. Today BCH is broadly accepted throughout the cryptocurrency exchanges, slowly but steadily moving up the list of market capitalization.

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