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KuCoin Shares KCS

0,484583 USD
0,000146 BTC
Market Cap
43 679 442 USD
13 133 BTC
Volume (24h)
85 810 USD
26 BTC
Circulating Supply
90 138 154 KCS
Max Supply
180 138 154 KCS

KuCoin Crypto Exchange’s Token

This token serves as fuel to KuCoin crypto exchange platform and has some attractive features about it that might interest the investors among you. Though KuCoin is not the largest exchange out there, the platform can boast some impressive high-performance engine which gives it an advantage over rival platforms in terms of scalability.

The Shares parent exchange platform developed a system of incentives for users who hold the KuCoin token for more than one day.

KCS Token and the Benefits of Hodling

KuCoin Shares (ticker symbol KCS) token is an Ethereum standard ERC-20 and can be kept in all applicable wallets. The holders of six or more tokens who hold them for more than a day are entitled to their share of the platform’s fees earnings. Half of what is earned in transaction fees by KuCoin exchange during the day is then paid as dividends to KCS holders.

More Than Just a Passive Income

The 1000 KCS holders also receive an additional 1% discount on trading fees. The percentage can reach up to a maximum of 30%, adding one for every other thousand KCS tokens you’ve got until you reach the 30K mark. From there on you’ll enjoy the maximum discount of 30%.

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