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Hshare HSR

2,26 USD
0,000348 BTC
Market Cap
98 298 797 USD
27 281 BTC
Volume (24h)
7 225 847 USD
2 005 BTC
Circulating Supply
43 529 781 HSR
Max Supply
43 529 781 HSR

Linking Blockchain Cryptocurrencies

Hshare developers are designing their platform to allow transfers of various cryptocurrencies, both blockchain, like Bitcoin Cash for example, and non-blockchain, like IOTA, without third-party exchange services involved. Although the issue is on top of agenda in the crypto world, some skeptic voices are asking whether Hshare is capable of fulfilling its whitepaper promises.

The Hshare team plans to solve the problem by producing two systems – a blockchain and a directed acyclic graph based network that will be able to link all parts of the crypto world, so you could send and receive various cryptocurrencies in your Hshare wallet. To silence its doubters, the Hshare team provided a list of its research partners that includes SJTU university of China, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Monash University in Australia.

Working with Privacy Coins

As the project aims to deal with all kinds of currencies, there is a question on how to work with privacy coins? The answer to that is two kinds of wallets: black wallet for privacy coins and white one for publicly visible transactions. Keeping the required privacy levels in black wallets will be available with the use of zero-knowledge proofs, a concept borrowed from Zcash technology.

Hshare and Hcash Coins

Hshare is a mineable coin that serves a temporary capacity of platform’s cryptocurrency until the Hcash is launched. From that moment Hshare will be exchanged to Hcash in 1:1 ratio. Hcash is going to be quantum computer resistant just in case the threat of it materializes. The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance is going to be performed by a hybrid of PoW and PoS consensus algorithms.