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Komodo KMD

0,618127 USD
0,000170 BTC
Market Cap
68 565 452 USD
18 909 BTC
Volume (24h)
993 080 USD
274 BTC
Circulating Supply
110 924 532 KMD
Max Supply
110 924 532 KMD

Komodo Blockchain Solutions

Komodo platform is a fork of Zcash that according to its white paper aiming to form an economic ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and other users to reach new heights of Freedom through the blockchain technology. Same as Zcash, Komodo developers employ the Jumblr anonymizer mechanism that uses untraceable zk-SNARK addresses to enhance transaction security and privacy.

More Than a Privacy Coin

The Komodo platform allows users to create their separate blockchains and to produce ICOs. What is even more exciting and promising is the BarterDEX decentralized exchange for atomic swaps. According to the Komodo official website’s FAQ section, the DEX is ready to use, and there are currently only some minor user interface details that are left to polish.

Komodo Coin Features

The system’s coin is mineable and uses the ticker symbol KMD. The maximum amount is set to 200 million coins with half of it being pre-mined for ICO and future developments (10% of pre-mined coins.) The block time is 60 seconds which is considerably faster than Zcash.