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0,307326 USD
0,000092 BTC
Market Cap
32 884 463 USD
9 885 BTC
Volume (24h)
265 318 USD
80 BTC
Circulating Supply
107 001 846 ARK
Max Supply
138 251 846 ARK

Ark Core is More Than Just a Coin

Creators of Ark claim that their project is not just another cryptocurrency but a new technology that will incorporate all the exciting blockchain innovations in one platform. Here is a partial list of things to come into Ark Core:

  • InterPlanetary File System IPFS, Database IPDB, and Linked Data IPLD
  • Web2web serverless web torrent, as the technology becomes available
  • Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance PBFT

As the team’s white paper states, the primary objective of Ark is increasing consumer adoption of blockchain via focusing on fast and secure core technology and developing practical solutions and services for real people.

Underlying Ark Coin

The coin has a ticker symbol ARK and is running on an improved version of Delegated PoS consensus algorithm. The fee for a standard transaction is 0.1 ARK but can be changed manually if the need should arise.