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4,31 USD
0,000580 BTC
Market Cap
574 353 426 USD
77 155 BTC
Volume (24h)
4 168 850 USD
560 BTC
Circulating Supply
133 248 289 NANO
Max Supply
133 248 289 NANO

Nano Made Instant Transactions Without Fees Possible

Launched in 2015, cryptocurrency project RaiBlocks has since won many supporters around the world for its distinctive features. Its instantaneous transactions make this digital currency very efficient and convenient for everyday use, purchases, and money transfers.

No fee for transactions is another super advantage of the system. It became possible courtesy of pre-cashed Proof-of-work (PoW) that the wallet on your computer generates before you make a transaction. The PoW mechanism is there to prevent the spam on the network.

Scalability is Top Priority for Nano

On January, 31st 2018 RaiBlocks announce its rebranding into Nano to underline the speed and simplicity of their product. Each user in the Nano’s system has their blockchain that is a part of the network, and each user provides some computational power for transaction verification process. Total supply of the coins was distributed from the beginning, so there is no mining involved in Nano network; the coin’s ticker symbol is NANO.