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DigiByte DGB

0,034503 USD
0,000005 BTC
Market Cap
355 534 544 USD
47 099 BTC
Volume (24h)
1 886 250 USD
250 BTC
Circulating Supply
10 304 453 050 DGB
Max Supply
10 304 453 050 DGB

From the Dawn of Blockchain Technology

DigiByte is one of the oldest blockchain projects as the work on it started in 2013 and the very next year first block was created. The new cryptocurrency somewhat lacked in marketing as it received almost no press coverage upon its release. There was no ICO, and the project was fueled mostly by donations.

DigiByte and Competitive Advantage

Nevertheless, DigiByte has grown an impressive fan base around the world as a result of many advantages it boasts over other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. For example, it manages more than 500 transactions per second, and their developers plan to increase the scalability by multiplying that number several times in the coming years. With a 15 second block time, DigiByte is faster and more secure than its competitors by employing five mining algorithms.

DGB Coin

Unlike Bitcoin where ASIC mining usurped the computation power, DigiByte mining is still profitable by using the CPU and GPU as well as ASIC, which makes the system more flexible thus creating a larger number of full nodes and becoming de-facto more decentralized. DGB coin has a maximum supply amount fixed at 21B coins, while transaction fees always stay low.

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