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0,024415 USD
0,000004 BTC
Market Cap
1 605 262 228 USD
246 160 BTC
Volume (24h)
91 796 453 USD
14 077 BTC
Circulating Supply
65 748 111 645 TRX
Max Supply
99 000 000 000 TRX

Tron Digital Content without Interference of Apple Store or Google Play

Tron is a decentralized digital content distribution ecosystem. The main idea behind the Tron network is to create a platform where content producers, like program developers, for example, could share their products. By using Tron, they would be able to do so without using third-party services like Google Play and Apple Store. Tron’s developers are said to follow Sir Tim Berners-Lee ideas that the World Wide Web is an asset for the humankind and not just a mere profit-making tool for a small bunch of companies.

Tronix Digital Currency

The official digital currency of the network is called tronix - ticker symbol TRX. Launched in 2017 its token’s price surged 500% in one week in December, showing the great promise that the currency holds for the future. TRX is not mineable, with the total supply of 100 billion coins is planned to be produced. Currently, about 65% of the total supply is in circulation. According to Tron’s creator Justin Sun, the rest of the tokens has been locked up until 2020.