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Zilliqa ZIL

0,035037 USD
0,000006 BTC
Market Cap
265 153 943 USD
41 821 BTC
Volume (24h)
14 395 813 USD
2 271 BTC
Circulating Supply
7 567 802 268 ZIL
Max Supply
12 600 000 000 ZIL

High Throughput Zilliqa Blockchain Platform

Zilliqa is a cryptocurrency project that was formed by a group of developers from the National University of Singapore. According to its developers, this platform is going to solve the issues of low speed and scalability on the blockchain by employing the so-called sharding method. Sharding allows dividing the large chunks of data into smaller pieces called shards that will be processed separately thus increasing the speed of operations.

Encouraging Blockchain Trial Run Results

This technique turns Zilliqa into a high throughput blockchain platform that increases scalability proportionally to the number of nodes involved – the bigger the system, the faster it becomes. Latest measurements during a trial run on the Testnet showed the speed of 2,488 transactions per second with 36 hundred nodes involved and the block divided into six shards.

ZIL Token

Zilliqa main net is scheduled to launch in Q2 2018, and therefore until then, their token ZIL will be an Ethereum based ERC-20 type currency. After the mainnet launch, all tokens will be exchanged to Zilliqa platform native tokens. The token is currently available on several exchanges including Huobi and Idex.

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