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Cryptonex CNX

4,47 USD
0,000592 BTC
Market Cap
202 225 785 USD
26 784 BTC
Volume (24h)
1 451 540 USD
192 BTC
Circulating Supply
45 289 503 CNX
Max Supply
106 727 129 CNX

Cryptonex New Generation of Blockchain

Created by an international group of developers led by Pavel Kalinin, Cryptonex is a decentralized blockchain platform with its CNX token. Unlike most of their rivals, forks of existing cryptocurrencies, Cryptonex is creating a blockchain of their own.

The project team made it their mission to produce a platform where every user was free to exchange fiat and crypto currencies as well as products and services by using their payment cards and even mobile phones. Cryptonex platform is supposed to act as an acquiring machine for cryptocurrency users.

Cryptonex Coin

CNX is a mineable coin with a maximum amount set to 210M coins. Cryptonex conducted their ICO in September 2017 and managed to collect 18M USD. The platform is renowned for its bounty program that incentivizes users for making posts and backlinking to their official website thus conducting an organic link building process.

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