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Bytom BTM

0,072618 USD
0,000020 BTC
Market Cap
72 799 182 USD
20 204 BTC
Volume (24h)
2 527 786 USD
702 BTC
Circulating Supply
1 002 499 275 BTM
Max Supply
1 407 000 000 BTM

Bytom Brings Physical Assets to Blockchain

Bytom is a crypto project that created a blockchain for various manipulations with so-called byte assets, i.e., cryptocurrencies, and atomic assets, i.e., bonds, warrants, different kinds of information, and other valuables from the real physical world. The name Bytom comes from the concatenation of by(te) and atom. All these valuable assets can be exchanged, traded, gambled, and further interoperated by using smart contracts.

BTM Token

Bytom token has the ticker symbol BTM. It is mineable, and ASIC mining is encouraged as developers see it as the latest step in miner evolution. Bytom uses the PoW consensus algorithm stimulating random anonymous miners to participate. BTM’s primary applications are the following:

  • Paying transaction fees on the platform
  • Getting dividends
  • Providing deposits for asset issuance