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Litecoin LTC

52,14 USD
0,008090 BTC
Market Cap
3 067 932 052 USD
472 326 BTC
Volume (24h)
256 617 880 USD
39 508 BTC
Circulating Supply
58 844 527 LTC
Max Supply
58 844 527 LTC

Litecoin to Bitcoin - Similar But Not The Same

Litecoin was built very similarly to Bitcoin cryptocurrency though with some notable differences. Its maximum supply is 84 million coins comparing to Bitcoin’s 21 million, but the block processing time is 2.5 minutes (four times faster than BTC) making its transactions easier to process and confirm. Litecoin uses a different to Bitcoin hash algorithm that allows mining the blocks quicker and more energy efficiently, i.e., even a PC with a decent graphics card might do.

LTC Coin Technical Stuff

Its ticker symbol is LTC; it’s a peer-to-peer project with an open-source code. Litecoin has got its equivalent to Satoshi which is called Litoshi, while one million’s of a Litecoin is called a lite and one thousand’s a Photon. LTC was incepted in 2011 making it one of the oldest active cryptocurrencies.

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