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Decred DCR

14,67 USD
0,004414 BTC
Market Cap
131 702 456 USD
39 600 BTC
Volume (24h)
788 287 USD
237 BTC
Circulating Supply
8 975 664 DCR
Max Supply
8 975 664 DCR

Decentralized Blockchain with Community Integrated Governance

A fork of Bitcoin launched in 2016, the Decred platform was built as an open source blockchain project. From the moment of its launch, the project developers highlighted that the main idea is based on a set of principles for the benefit of its users. These principles include:

  • Decred system and all software programmed as a part of it shall always remain free
  • No censorship of free speech within the system
  • All constructive proposals from its user members will be given a consideration
  • Privacy and security of users is fundamental and will be increased continuously

Decred Coin Comparisons to Bitcoin

Decred cryptocurrency’s ticker symbol is DCR. The DCR coin has a lot of similarities to Bitcoin such as a maximum amount of nearly 21 million. But there are differences too, as DCR employs a different consensus algorithm that is a mix of PoW and PoS. 8% of total amount of DCR was pre-mined before the launch. Only 60% of block reward goes to the miners while 30% are distributed among the voters, and 10% goes to development of the system.