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12,10 USD
0,001626 BTC
Market Cap
10 641 933 596 USD
1 427 945 BTC
Volume (24h)
1 422 100 000 USD
190 819 BTC
Circulating Supply
879 244 317 EOS
Max Supply
900 000 000 EOS

Faster Alternative to Ethereum

EOS.IO is an operating system-like construct created to allow running dapps. Its blockchain architecture was made as an alternative to what Ethereum is offering its customers. A private company develops EOS.IO platform and, based on their white paper it is going to be delivered on the first day of summer 2018. developers claim that they will come up with a platform that can be implemented without transaction fees and with the speed of millions of transactions per second!

Impressive EOS ICO

EOS started its ICO campaign in June 2017. Overall, one billion tokens will be produced to raise the necessary sum to fund the project. The tokens are not mineable and suppose to work as the cryptocurrency within the EOS system. EOS platform is currently built on Ethereum and on November 29th, 2017 the first testing environment for developers was unveiled. It is named the Single-Threaded Application Testnet or EOS STAT.