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0,500930 USD
0,000077 BTC
Market Cap
1 392 350 777 USD
214 024 BTC
Volume (24h)
17 984 115 USD
2 764 BTC
Circulating Supply
2 779 530 283 MIOTA
Max Supply
2 779 530 283 MIOTA

IOTA Technologies for Internet of Things

IOTA is a new technology that can function as a backbone for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Unlike most of the other cryptocurrencies, IOTA doesn’t use the blockchain technology, instead relying on its Tangle architecture. IOTA uses neither mining nor blocks, its Tangle technology makes transactions faster and secure while getting rid of transaction fees, yet the network stays decentralized. The more users are participating in the process, the faster the system works. Thus the system is solving one of the most significant problems of blockchain where transaction times a getting more extended over time.

MIOTA coin

IOTA’s ticker symbol is MIOTA. It is a non-mineable coin, that’s open-source and decentralized. This digital cryptocurrency is designed to solve the problem of efficiency and scalable flexibility of micro-transactions used in IoT hardware.