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61,43 USD
0,018482 BTC
Market Cap
522 356 389 USD
157 205 BTC
Volume (24h)
116 611 044 USD
35 094 BTC
Circulating Supply
8 503 713 DASH
Max Supply
8 503 713 DASH

Digital Cash

Dash is an open-source digital currency that was launched in 2014 under the name XCoin, was rebranded into Darkcoin before getting its current title Dash, which stands for Digital cash. Dash operates a self-governing and independent model known as Decentralized Autonomous Organization or a DAO.

Dash Mining, Masternodes and Treasury

Dash is a mineable coin whose miners receive 45% of the coins they’ve mined, while another 45% goes to masternodes and the remaining 10% goes to the treasury from where developers, translators and other company’s personnel get paid. Masternodes are the ones who can prove the ownership of 1000 Dash. These people or groups of people are there to make decisions on how the system is going to develop, and they do it by voting. The idea behind the masternodes system is that an owner of a thousand Dash would always want the system to prosper.

Special Features Used in Dash

Dash allows its users to implement a so-called InstantSend which is a service that will enable you to send, receive or pay with Dash in a matter of seconds. This feature makes it more convenient and easy to use. Moreover, Dash is currently developing a new product that is called Evolution. It is a sort of an e-wallet that would simplify the payment system, e.g., letting us use an account name instead of a long alphanumeric address. Another distinctive feature is the PrivateSend – a service for coin-mixing that makes it impossible to trace the coin’s origin thus helping with the privacy issues.